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In the Fall of 2018, the digital Access Theatre Archives came online which culminated efforts dating back as far as 2010.  These online archives contains a plethora of information about the life of Access Theatre (AT) spanning between 1979-1996. Although not completely comprehensive in scope (the amount of data would have clogged the internet!) we have made every effort to include the most crucial elements of the Company’s history.  Perusing the complete set of newsletters alone will give a wealth of detail of every aspect of Access Theatre.

The AT Archives include: details about the company’s performances; photos; videos of some of the productions, including STORM READING taped at the Lobero in 1996, videos of special events, audio recordings of original music from productions; press coverage and media stories (in print and from television); all of the newsletters published during the company’s 18-year life, Anthony Edwards’ documentary film SPEAKING THROUGH WALLS, the entire book “Storms and Illuminations: 18 Years of Access Theatre”, and more!

The legacy of Access Theatre is now available to generations to come!  This was made possible with the support of the Access Theatre Endowment Fund at The Santa Barbara Foundation,  Founder Rod Lathim and guided by the technical where-with-all of Peter M. Robertson aka ACCESS Unlimited to compile everything in a central location along with his generous support.

Content presented and linked herein is being made available strictly for educational, archival and historical research purposes. Nothing in these Archives may be reproduced, aired publicly or commercially without prior consent.

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